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Quotes from Our Shawley Community...

Quotes from our Shawley Parents...

'I'd just like to say, that it's very clear you and the team have given everything a lot of thought and consideration and have held the safety of everyone as your highest priority.  The communication to the parents has been amazing and it's been clear from a parent’s perspective that the team have been doing everything they can to make this time as simple and clear as possible for the children and their families (both in lock down and the journey back into school).'

'The schools understanding of the families you have at Shawley is by far one of the most amazing things I've noticed. I have the impression that you really know each and every one of the children and understand their individual needs and circumstances, something I doubt may schools truly have.  The care and compassion, hard work and dedication the team have shown to the schools community as a whole has been amazing and it's a credit to Mrs Milner and your leadership.  This I believe this is what makes Shawley such a special school and it's been wonderful that so many of us have now seen this unique and sincere side to our school! '

'What an outstanding team you are, we feel it a privilege to have our children at Shawley. Thank you so much.'

'Shawley is an amazing school with an amazing team.'

'I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Milner, Ms Lee and your whole team for your continued hard work and commitment to the children during this time, both at home and at school. My daughter has been incredibly happy being back and I appreciate everything you have done for her.'

'I loved the harvest festival video, the children all look so happy!'

'We just wanted to reach out to say a huge thank you to you all for making our daughter’s year on Friday. She came home absolutely buzzing and couldn’t wait to tell us she’d not only got superstar of the week, but was also invited to hot chocolate Friday! She was also very excited that she got to go to hot chocolate Friday with one of her best friends. We were so concerned when the term started that she’d be behind in her work due to being off for so long or that she’d really struggle to settle back in, but she seems to be doing amazingly well so full credit to all of you for helping make this happen.'

'I have been meaning to say a very big “thank you” to you and all teachers for making Shawley such a brilliant place to learn.  Since returning to school, my son has been excitedly telling me all about the brilliant new library and how talented the teacher was who decorated it! He has been asking to arrive into school early, creating his submission for “Sports Minister” each evening this week and was delighted to receive recognition from Mr Lewry in a recent praising assembly.  In his own words “I love being back at school” It has been most reassuring to see that you are communicating brilliantly, encouraging all of the children and offering them much needed stability'

'I would like to say Thank you to Mrs Milner and the Shawley team for making us feel really welcome. We are really impressed by the school.'

'I watched the video of the library project and it is definitely amazing!  I can imagine that this will be one place every child in school will want to be.'

'You and your team really are doing something right! He absolutely loves being at school.'

'I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all your staff for such clear guidance and positivity in the return to school. I know nothing about the past 6 months has been ‘normal’ and who knows when it will be how it once was. But you have made it very easy for me to feel happy and relaxed about my son’s return to school. Thank you again. My child had a great first day back which is all down to you and your staff.'

 'I just looked at the pictures of the library and it looks great! What a wonderful achievement and an amazing space that all children will benefit from! You must be delighted and very proud. I love it!'

'To all the wonderful staff at Shawley,  I have just watched the leavers assembly and it was amazing. I’m a little emotional. It was lovely hearing all the positive things you said about the children, you really know them so well. It was lovely. What a send off for them. You work so hard. Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

'We really appreciate the school and everything you do. We’ve been so impressed with everything over this year both pre-COVID19 and during the pandemic. I think it’s been excellent and we can’t thank you enough.'

'Thank you for organising the catch up session this morning. It’s totally amazing to see my daughter so happy! She came home buzzing!! She was “so happy to see my Mrs Robinson” and some of her friends. She had a lovely time and enjoyed going into school.'

Here are some additional comments that we received from parents during lockdown...

'I just wanted to thank you for the constant reassurance and support you have provided us parents at Shawley. The amazing resources, emails and Facebook posts have kept the community going not only with home-learning support but it’s kept us feeling upbeat, up to date and connected at a time when many of us feel isolated. Thank you also for doing so much to help those families who require further support with their well-being and mental health.'

'Once again we would like to express our appreciation for all the care and support you and your staff provide, we are well aware of the immense amount of work which has to go on behind the scenes as well in order for everything to run as smoothly as it does. You are doing an excellent job and always seem so calm and also so welcoming to the children and indeed the parents.'

'I just wanted to email to share my thanks and admiration for the leadership shown for the school throughout this nightmare. From the beginning you have been honest, clear and proactive in your communication and plans for the whole community.  I have never felt prouder to be a parent at the school.'

'Just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to help the children over this difficult time.  You go above and beyond.  I am going to miss the sound of the children playing in the playground and we will all miss our routine.  I am really hoping that this uncertainty doesn’t go on for too long.  I hadn’t realised how much I relied on the school to care for the boys until I realised it suddenly wasn’t going to be there anymore.'

'I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you (both as a Governor and as a parent) for how hard and how incredibly well you have managed the last few weeks. You and your team are most definitely heroes in my eyes!'

'I just wanted to email in to thank you and the school for the amazing support and service provided since this nightmare started.  After speaking to teachers and parents from other primary schools it is clear that Shawley are in a league of their own in the level of support provided for learning at home. The slides and recommended reads are brilliant; the daily contact from the class teacher is amazing and much loved by C.   A couple of parents (from other schools) have been using your website for support in teaching their children which I hope is ok.'

'I would like to thank you very much for your lovely emails and support you give us in this challenging situation.'

'Thank you for everything you are doing during lockdown- we couldn’t ask for a better team to help us through this time!'

'Friday’s virtual assembly was fantastic, so nice to see and hear from the teachers, it really put us back in the hall (we even clapped!).'

'I just wanted to reach out to say thank you so much to yourself and the team at Shawley for all the amazing work you are doing to keep the children learning and feeling like a community. R loved the online praise assembly and was so shocked to be chosen to be praised, her face was a picture! I know she is really missing you all and can't wait to be back. B seems really excited about starting at Shawley and we have been watching Mrs Harrison and Mrs Morina's story times so that hopefully their faces are recognisable when he starts so please pass on my thanks to them.'

'You are all doing an amazing job, both with the children who are attending school and in keeping in touch with the families of children at home.  Your 'Sound Collector Comes to Shawley' poem was incredibly moving and brought me to tears. I do so hope those sounds return to our school before long. We are enjoying the praising assemblies too. The children who have a special mention must feel so proud.  Once again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication in these challenging times. Shawley is certainly a very special place and it is a privilege to be a part of the community.'

'I'd just like to say, that it's very clear you and the team have given everything a lot of thought and consideration and have held the safety of everyone as your highest priority.  The communication to the parents has been amazing and it's been clear from a parent’s perspective that the team have been doing everything they can to make this time as simple and clear as possible for the children and their families (both in lock down and the journey back into school).' 

'I would like to thank you and all teachers as well as all the wonderful staff at Shawley for the amazing support you have provided to the children and the families all through the past 4 months. It has been a relief to know that the need of the children as well as the struggles the families and carers were facing were understood and addressed in a thoughtful manner.'

'Please can you pass my thanks on to Mrs Milner and all the staff at Shawley. We've found the support you've all offered during this time to be outstanding, and the way you have adapted the ever changing guidance to enable our children to be supported has been amazing.'

'I wanted to email and express how well I think the senior team at Shawley have managed during these unprecedented times. Before the children returned back to school, the line of communication between the staff and parents was great. Not only did we have informative letters and app updated but the children have received videos and emails. This has not only reassured me, but has supported H academically with online and paper work, but also from a mental health point, where she had a small bit of normal seeing her teachers via you tube.'