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Our School Vision:


To be a community that strives for excellence and fosters a love of learning for all.

Our School Motto and Ethos:

Together we THRIVE - (Togetherness, Healthy, Resilience, Inspiration, Values, Excellence)


We believe that we are stronger when working together with others. We are a community school who value our partnerships with parents and carers, as well as other schools.



Children’s health, wellbeing and happiness are our first priorities. We know that healthy minds and healthy bodies are both important to enable all stakeholders to THRIVE.



We encourage children to persevere and demonstrate determination and self-belief. We expect children to try their hardest and keep going, asking for help when they need it.



The curriculum we provide should be aspirational and challenging for all. It should inspire and excite children to be lifelong learners and explore their talents through Interesting and engaging learning opportunities that are part of a rich, varied curriculum.



Our shared value ‘pride’ is at the heart of school life.  Our focus on ‘pride’ reflects the wider development of each child and supports their personal, social and emotional development. Our children are encouraged to take pride in their work, appearance, behaviour (including learning behaviours), attitude, and achievements.



Excellence drives our choices, our effort, and our vision. We want to provide the very best for the children and we have high expectations of them, just as we encourage them to expect a lot of themselves and each other. Each child will be supported and challenged to achieve their personal best in their time with us. Our school will look and feel excellent to visitors, staff, parents, and pupils.




Promoting British Values

The DfE have reinforced the need "to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs."

The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values have been reiterated by the Prime Minister recently.  At Shawley Community Primary School these values underpin the essence of all that we do, and are reinforced regularly.


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